Who We Are

We are mission-driven. We address intense personal and professional challenges in our organizations and homes, and as a result, we experience trauma exposure response – also known as compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, or secondary traumatization. When we repeatedly witness the hardship and trauma of others as a normal part of our workday, we are presented with unique challenges to our emotional and physical well-being. Just as the professional downhill skier is presented with unique emotional and physical challenges and must prepare and practice accordingly to perform well in that environment, so too do we.

Lauren has been working in emotionally intense environments for over 20 years and brings a breadth and depth of understanding to this work. She specializes in working with individuals and groups who are repeatedly faced with the hardship or trauma of others due to the nature of the work they do. Being able to effectively manage high negative arousal is crucial for those of us working in high-stakes environments. This is true at every level of organizations from front-line staff to executives. FORAY is committed to you developing yourself so you can thrive in high-intensity, high-emotion, and high-urgency situations.

Lauren founded FORAY Consulting in 2007 out of a commitment to support those dedicated to inspired missions. Lauren is known for her straight talk, sharp insight and warmth and brings practical experience, curiosity, and rigorous training to her work with clients. Lauren helps people build resiliency and develop sustainable self-care practices so that they can thrive over the long term.

After completing a B.A. in geography from Clark University, she served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua and worked with rural farmers implementing agroforestry techniques to prevent soil erosion. Upon returning to the United States, she began working as the Volunteer Program Manager at the wildlife rehabilitation center at the Progressive Animal Welfare Society. It was there that she began to fully understand that the best way for her to support any mission is to empower those working for that mission. Lauren earned a M.A. in Applied Behavioral Sciences from The Leadership Institute of Seattle with a focus on leadership development, training, facilitation, coaching, and conflict management in organizations.

“Working with Lauren is transformational. I hired Lauren to provide resiliency workshops for teams of care providers at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Care providers included mental health providers, pastoral care, patient and family relations specialists, nurses from ICU and oncology units, interpreters and social workers. The workshops began the process of healing secondary trauma on the individual, team, and organizational levels. Many teams who have attended have begun to shift their conversations from areas of pain, difficulty, and strife to ones of compassion satisfaction, joy, possibility, and choice. Lauren’s invitation to accept responsibility for how we are in the world, the way we bring ourselves to our work, the wholeness of our experience and the meaning we make is authentic and gentle, yet compelling. Healthcare would be a much healthier system if these workshops were offered regularly to all care providers and support staff. I can’t recommend Lauren highly enough!”

Maria Coghill, Director,
Ambulatory Psychiatry Services at Seattle Children’s Hospital